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1972 Shala Vette

1972 Shala-Vette also known as Shala Vet

Built by legendary automobile designer and custom car builder Dick Dean
Dick Deans Wikipedia Page
Extensive research on google including The Samba indicates only 12 Shala-Vettes bodies were manufactured, some were sold as kits and a few were turn-key cars. As far as I can tell only 4 or 5 other Shala-Vettes are known to exist (you are welcome to correct me if you know of others)

Of all the Shala-Vettes I could find, none are as original as this example.

The body is still in the original heavy metallic Gel Coat

This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to grab the most original Shala-Vette in existence!

The gentleman I bought this car from owned it for almost 30 years, it has been in storage since 1993. When I referred to it as a kit car, he corrected me by insisting this car was ordered new as a turn-key car from Dean Kustoms in California.

This is not only one of the coolest and most unique buggies on earth but with the Dick Dean connection it is a piece of custom car building history - really, this thing should be in a museum.

Available for inspection at my Fort Lauderdale, Florida location.


Shalla Vette Dune Buggy

Rear split bumpers are from a 1970 Opel GT and the tail lights are from a Corvair

The windshield frame is bent and missing the windshield

Looks to be a 1500 single port with performance goodies from the era. . .
Deano purple intake manifold and end pieces, Weber 40 DCN14 carb, Bosch 019 distributor, oil pump with spin-on filter...
The previous owner told me the engine has not been started since 1993 when the car was put into storage. I tried turning the engine over with a wrench but it is locked-up.

The convertible soft top, side curtains and Tonneau cover.
The top and Tonneau material are too dry and brittle to try and install for a picture - so you will just have to use your imagination

Cragar wheels with vintage Cragar wheel adaptors and 1970's bias ply tires

Built with a ball joint front end, swing axle rear and wide 5 lug drums

The lovely Mrs. Dean poses with a Shala-Vette

Remember the 1975 movie Death Race 2000?
Dick Dean was responsibly for building all of the cars used in the movie. For the movies main character, Frankenstein (David Carradine) he chose a Shala-Vette


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